Concept Art: Character Design – Microsoft Flagship Store

This is from our Concept Art: Character Design Class at The Microsoft Flagship Store in Manhattan.

Concept Art Class: Character Design - Microsoft Flagship Store

Here is the course listing below.

We are thrilled to offer this 3 SESSION Concept Art: Character Design Course with artist and illustrator Hyoung Kim on a private floor at The Microsoft Flagship Store.

Students will create one character in front and back views as well as two accessories for that character. This class is great for anyone interested in video game design, film, graphic novels, etc…

This class meets on Tuesdays November 15th, 22nd and 29th. (The fee includes all three sessions.)

* This course includes a free optional visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art on Sat. Nov. 19th with the instructor to look at historical characters.

Students should have a basic knowledge of Photoshop as well as basic drawing skills.

All students are provided a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with a full version of Photoshop installed to be used during classes!

Books and films on concept art will be available in class for inspiration. We work from a live model during our first session.

Session 1: Introduction to Concept Art

+ Brief Presentation on Concept Art and Advanced Techniques.

+ Choosing and Researching Your Theme

+ Creating 10 Silhouette Studies

+ Review and critique

Optional: Homework assignment

Session 2: Refinement and Advanced Techniques

+ Briefly review the drawings from last week

+ Lecture on Advanced Techniques (Part I)

+ Review and critique

Optional: Homework assignment

Session 3: The Final Character Sheet

+ Briefly review or artwork from last week

+ Lecture on Advanced Techniques (Part II)

+ Photo Bashing

+ Finishing of Work

+ Review and critique

Requirements for Class:

Must know the basics of using Photoshop, how to access tools and their basic use how to manage your files with no hesitation and saving your files correctly.

If you have questions about your skill level please email to ask.

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