The Line of Beauty: Drawings at Sotheby’s

On view at Sotheby’s New York January 26th – 30th. Click to view.

From Sotheby’s Website: “The superb collection of just 28 drawings, formed over some 40 years from the 1970s by the New York couple Howard and Saretta Barnet, is highly unusual in its combination of small overall size, great chronological span and exceptionally high quality.  Selecting their drawings with razor-sharp aesthetic judgement, the Barnets assembled a group of drawings that told the whole story of five centuries of the art of drawing in Western Europe, though just 28 works, each of the very highest quality and beauty.  Despite being very different from each other in date, geographical origin, technique, style and function, these drawings somehow all speak the same language, and reflect a powerful, consistent taste.  Rarely has a more perfectly chosen collection been formed, in any collecting field.”

Drawing New York

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