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Drawing New York founder Simon Levenson will begin teaching Introduction to Drawing for Pastels at The Pastel Society of America in 2018.

Drawing New York and Unison Colour have begun discussing the craft of making pastels. We look forward to this relationship bringing valuable insight to our members about how this versatile and beautiful medium is made.  More to come…

From Unison Colours website: “Our pastels are still made to the original recipes that were created by John Hersey. Unison Colour handmade soft pastels are highly pigmented that reveal intense colour when used.

Unison ColourOur soft pastels offer vibrant or subtle shades of colour with a wonderful consistent & smooth texture that makes them ideal for pastel paintings of any subject. These soft pastels have an ability to create a range of effects & their softness lends itself to colour mixing while drawing & keeps the work fresh. The versatility of the pastel means they can be blended & used with different mediums such as oil, charcoal, pencil & watercolour. Used by both professional & amateur artists, Unison Colour soft pastels are renowned for being the best on the market.” Unison Handmade Pastel Sets Purchase Here

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Unison Handmade Pastel Sets

Handmade, lightly rolled, so pigment is softly compressed. Result is very fluid, intense colors. Instead of white or black to make up a color set, Unison uses pure pigments with a cycle of related hues. - Half-Stick Sets

Drawing New York

This vibrant group of over 6500 members helps people make "real and tangible progress" with their work whether they are absolute beginners, intermediate sketchers or professional artists.

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