Kelly Foss

Artist - Teacher - Author

I love painting faces, flesh, and fabric. The more tactile I can make a painting feel, the more I’m satisfied with it! I feel blessed to make art every day and look forward to the next day to continue my projects. Traveling to teach workshops is also something I can’t believe I get to do.

Making Art On Vacation

Does a vacation also mean a vacation from creating? Whether it’s a trip to the Bahamas or a 3-day staycation, let’s talk about making the most of our days-off…

Face Truths: The Truth About Faces

The following are “face truths” that will help you draw a face truthfully. They go hand-in-hand with each other, making them less like steps to follow and more like a slide to go down.

Emotions & Art: Do they mix?

Are emotions an essential ingredient to art? Let’s talk about harnessing emotions to fuel, not foil your art.

5 MORE Tips to See & Draw Better (Part 2)

I’ve compiled these tips to give you a “visual advantage”; helping your eyes communicate with your brain and hands- with less fighting! And don’t we all want that?

5 Tips to See & Draw Better (Part 1)

Has this happened to you: You draw your subject with enthusiasm but then get discouraged when it doesn’t look right? Where’s the disconnect happening?