Fair Witness: DNY Exclusive Interview with Supreme Court artist Art Lien

This summer, between Supreme Court arguments and the upcoming Manafort trial, Drawing New York had the great pleasure of speaking with renowned courtroom sketch artist Art Lien. No cameras are allowed in the Supreme Court chambers (nor in most Federal courtrooms), Mr. Lien is one of the very few people with a front-row seat to the judicial workings of US democracy.

Making Art On Vacation

Does a vacation also mean a vacation from creating? Whether it’s a trip to the Bahamas or a 3-day staycation, let’s talk about making the most of our days-off…

Face Truths: The Truth About Faces

The following are “face truths” that will help you draw a face truthfully. They go hand-in-hand with each other, making them less like steps to follow and more like a slide to go down.

Figurative Artist Handbook: Modeling the Form – Part One

Great figure drawings are informative. They describe a movement from a basic description of the overall geometry of the mass to a more general anatomical description, and then to an even more specific explanation of where the light and shadow fall on those forms.

Why I Draw

When the pose is finished and I look away from the model, the world is transformed for me. I look at the triangles formed where the rafters meet the ceiling in a whole new way – I know just how I would draw them.