Drawing New York worked closely with museum staff to create a Harlem Rennisance Drawing Session complete with a 3-piece jazz band, historically styled model, trivia games and drawing contest. 60 + attendees.

The Best Drawing Events In New York City

Partnering with The Morgan for College Night, Drawing New York created a sketching session to accommodate several hundred current undergraduate and graduate students. Live music, two models, and drawing materials were all provided. 350 attendees.

Working closely with museum staff Drawing New York styled two live models in exhibition appropriate fashion for The Museum of Art and Design’s Counter Couture exhibition. Drawing New York drove sales for 30 attendees.

Drawing New York’s most prolific partnership has been with The National Art Club on Gramercy Park. Our fashion sketching session themes have included, Steampunk, Bollywood, Jackie O, Drag Fashion, Kimono’s the Roaring 20’s to name a few.  Well over 1000 attendees.

Upcoming Sessions

20% of Art Supplies at Jerry’s New York Central
DNY ARTicles

Figurative Artist Handbook: Modeling the Form

Great figure drawings are informative. They describe a movement from a basic description of the overall geometry of the mass to a more general anatomical description, and then to an even more specific explanation of where the light and shadow fall on those forms.

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