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Portfolio Development Drawing New York

Located inside the historic National Arts Club at Gramercy Park, Drawing New York is surrounded by artistic inspiration. Our sessions are limited to six students to provide highly individualized portfolio development. Consistent communication with students and guardians is maintained throughout the development process.

Head of school Simon Levenson teaches oil painting at The Art Students League of New York City and teaches drawing at The Morgan Library and Museum and The National Arts Club. Classically trained artists/educators teach technical development.

Our Process:

  • Review of Current Work:

    Portfolio Development Drawing New YorkWe begin work with a review of students current work and asses ways to fill gaps and strengthen artistic portfolios for undergraduate applications. An honest assessment is provided to both student and guardian at the outset of the development process so a clear “scope of work” is understood by all.

  • Painting and Drawing Classes:

    Portfolio Development Drawing New YorkStudents attend sessions focused on their particular skill sets to develop their individual portfolios for submission. We recommend at least one session per week to keep progress moving.

  • Museum and Gallery Visits:

    Once a month we visit museums and galleries to broaden students understanding of fine art so they more intelligently speak and write about it during interviews and applications. We also recommend shows on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

  • Submission Development:

    Students will identify schools they wish to attend and read submission policies for each school. DNY works with each student to understand portfolio requirements and specifically develop artwork for different schools. (We do not assist with actual applications.)

  • Teacher Consultation (if requested):

    We are happy to consult with students current instructors so development can continue at school and in our studio and increase the impact of instruction while minimizing conflicting advice.